Manor House (Castle) Karlsburg

Near the Hanseatic City of Greifswald within the community of Karlsburg is located one of the most beautiful baroque style buildings of Western Pomerania.

As from 1626 on the estate Gnatzkow was in possession of the Ruegian noble house of von Normann. In 1679 it came to the ancient Ruegian noble family of von Bohlen by inheritance. The place Gnatzkow was renamed Carlsburg in 1771 in accordance with the Christian name of the then owner Count Carl von Bohlen. After the estate complex was completely destroyed by fire in 1732 a magnificent baroque style building was erected on the foundation of a previous unpretentious manor house by order of Carl Behrend von Bohlen. Around the same time the park was laid out, already revised in 1800, it was created into a landscape park in 1848. In 1817 Theodor Alexander von Bismarck married Caroline von Bohlen, consequently the estate passed into possession of the von Bismarck-Bohlen family. The last owner of Karlsburg up to 1945 was Dr. Fritz Ulrich Count von Bismarck-Bohlen. From then on the manor house was used as a home for diabetics, and has since 1990 become a significant special clinic for diabetes and metabolic diseases under the administration of the university of Greifswald.

The Park of Karlsburg Manor