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Samow manor in calendar 2019

Samow manor in calendar 2019

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Manor House Saunstorf

Saunstorf was documented as existing in 1230 in the fiefdom list of the Bishop von Ratzeburg/Kirchspiel Beenthorp (now Beidendorf).

Saunstorf was never a feudal estate or held in family ownership but organised by the village through five farms. Two disappeared as Mr. Petersen Saunstorf had the pledge from the Duke von Mecklenburg in 1790. Two remaining farms became the Saunstorf estate with a redrawn boundary through “farm installation” and forced resettlement (to Neusaunstorf). The second manor house was built in 1893 after many changes of ownership which is still standing today, and the first one has completely disappeared. Following further changes in ownership, the present manor house was built by Eugen Philippi in 1915/16 and the park laid out. The last squire since 1931 was Rudolf von Oertzen, who advanced the manor house to a local music and cultural centre.

The house served as accommodation for a large number of refugees and many short-term purposes after its expropriation in 1945 and until it was cleared out in 1985 due to danger of collapse and all valuable materials were “removed”. It was planned to be detonated in the year of political change in 1989 which luckily did not take place.

The Saunstorf Estate Foundation – Place of Peace – has taken on the task of restoration and new usage since the start of this century. It has filled a new sense of purpose since summer 2010.

Gutshaus Saunstorf - Ort der Stille

23996 Saunstorf, Am Gutspark

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