Manor House Lalendorf

In 1361 Lalendorf was first mentioned in records. The manor house is a one-storey rendered building with  a high hipped roof. In 1900 it was erected on the foundation of a predecessor building, later it has been modified.

In 1829 Carl Adolf von Wedemeyer purchased the estate. From 1846 on the property was in possession of the Paetow family. From 1930 on the estate was opened to settlements.

After 1945 refugee families moved into the manor house. They stayed until 1950. During this year a school moved into the manor house, it was again used for residential purposes as from 1976.

After being unoccupied for several years new owners were found who rehabilitated the dilapidated building and renovated it for use as a children´s home. Since 2015, after a further change of ownership and repeated reconstruction, the manor house is now operating as `Jagdschloss Lalendorf´  (Hunting Lodge Lalendorf).

Of the numerous estate buildings only one granary is extant.