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The Belvedere in Broda, Neubrandenburg

From its elevated position, the terrace of the Belvedere offers a magnificent view across Neubrandenburg's lake, Tollensesee. ... more

Hohenzieritz Castle

Hohenzieritz Castle was built between 1746 and 1751 for Hans Christian von Fabian, incorporating parts of an earlier building. ... more

Mirow Castle

Situated on an island in Lake Mirow, the palace and surrounding buildings were built in stages between 1749 and 1770 on the site of a former commandery of the Order of St. John which was founded in  1227. ... more

Manor House Sponholz

Sponholz was documented for the first time in 1496. In 1701, Victor Siegismund von Oertzen purchased the estate. He sold it to Johann von Altrock in 1742, who immediately commissioned ducal architect Christoph Julius Löwe to build the manor house. ... more