Zierow Manor

A village street lined with linden trees leads directly to the manor house in Zierow.  As early as 1355 the squire Eckhard Negendank had a property here that was surrounded by a broad moat, a wall, and a drawbridge.

The old defensive tower was replaced by a solidly built house in 1563. Until 1767 the estate was in the possession of the Negendanck family. Several changes of ownership followed until in 1785 the estate finally went to Judicial Privy Counselor Christian Andreas Biel from Braunschweig, who was ennobled in 1790. His son Gottlieb von Biel had the existing manor house built in the Classical style by 1824, and during this period the landscape park was also laid out. Zierow was farmed by the Biel family until 1945. The last owner was Heinrich Freiherrr (Baron) von Biel. Because of his involvement in the 20 July 1944 coup attempt against Hitler he was condemned to serve in a punishment battalion, but he survived the Nazi terror. After the end of World War II Biel helped to bring order to the refugee chaos in the city of Wismar, where he functioned as the first lord mayor. The von Biel family later left Zierow and went to the West.  After 1945 the house was first used to house refugees, then as the community hall, and from 1961 on as a training center for agricultural engineers. Today the manor still houses a trade school.