Manor House Trams

Trams is located a few kilometers southeast of Wismar. Opposite the former estate, the manor house stands on a small hill on the shore of Lake "Tramser See".

Between the 14th century and 1754, the village was owned by the von Stralendorff family. In 1754, Barner Trams, who predominantly settled in western Mecklenburg, acquired the property. The last owner, Christoph von Barner, was expelled and expropriated in 1945. The manor house is a plastered brick building in Neoclassical form that was built at the beginning of the 20th century.

Before 1996, it served as a boarding school and, shortly after, a sponsoring school until 1997. In August 2001, a huge part of the manor house was destroyed by a fire. The original manor house still existed in Trams in the 1970s but was demolished after many years of vacancy and ensuing dilapidation. A former farmstead was also demolished.