Manor House (Castle) Tützpatz

Tützpatz was owned by the von Maltzahn family until 1775. In 1776, it was acquired by Carl Friedrich von Linden. In 1778, he built a grand manor house in Baroque style.

In 1785, Georg Christian von Heyden inherited the estate, thereby establishing the family line of Heyden-Linden, who resided in Tützpatz until 1945. In 1908, the manor house burned down but was reconstructed in old splendor. The new building was thus almost identical to the previous building. One of the characteristic features is the beautifully and richly structured façade. Open staircases with Baroque grilles on both sides of the mansion form the entrance.

After the expropriation in 1945, the building was used as an animal breeding school, later as the administrative office of the state-owned estate and for residential purposes. The manor house, which had already been declared a historic monument in the GDR, has been empty for many years. Not even the sale to a private investor with tourist benefit plans has changed this.

Fragments of an English landscape park that had been established in the 19th century to replace a former Baroque park still exist.