Manor House Rossow

The Rossow manor house was built as a one-storey, plastered, half-timbered Baroque building with a saddle roof and two small protruding, single-sided wings on the front.

It was built at the beginning of the 18th century and had been feoffed to Jürgen Siewert von Dechow in 1694. After his death, his eldest son, Hans Christoff, inherited the property. When he died, the estate passed to the youngest brother, Balthsar Karl. He is presumed to be the one who had the manor house built. In 1750, Rossow, together with Glocksin, were sold to Karl Detloff von Kahlden, who later gave the properties to Captain Karl Ludwig von Genzkow in 1763. It was later purchased from the von Genzkow family by August Friedrich Peters. In 1876, his family sold the estate to Chamberlain Heinrich von Oertzen from Brunn. His descendants were expropriated after the Second World War following the land reform.