Castle Müggenburg

The moated Müggenburg Castle lies in the quiet and isolation of the typical Western Pomeranian landscape west of Usedom.

It was first documented in the middle of the 14th century but is older than that. The castle was under the ownership of the noble family von Nienkerken at this time, whose family residence was the Müggenburg Castle. The site was partly destroyed in 1434. The neo-Gothic castle was built between 1889 and 1891, including the medieval 28 metres high Fangel tower. The entrance hall, with its ribbed vaulting and colourful painting, gives the impression of a house of worship. This impression is heightened by the partly existing bible quotes in the entrance hall. One of which “Bear ye one another’s burdens” was also the (German) title of a DEFA (publicly owned film studio in the DDR) film which was much discussed in the DDR and filmed in 1986/87 in the Müggenburg Castle. The owners of the castle changed in quick procession into the 19th century. The last owner was Dr. Karl Friedrich Holtz up until its expropriation in 1945. First refugees lived in the castle after 1945, and later it became an administrative building, cultural centre and was then used by the local agricultural production cooperative. The estate has stood empty since the 1980s and was left to decline. Today the castle is under private ownership and has been lovingly restored by the Bohse family since 1994.