Manor House Luisenhof

In 1695 Balzar Friedrich von Berg received the enfeoffment of the Neuenkirchen estate.

Pictures: Sebastian Haerter

Outside of Neuenkirchen a dairy farm was developed for which a manor house was built around the mid 18th century. The likely patron was Ernst August von Berg. The house is a one storey building with a baroque kerb roof. Up to the death of Friedrich Ernst von Berg in 1798 the little hamlet remained nameless. Two years later it was ` christened ´ Luisenhof by the heirs. A year later Neuenkirchen and Luisenhof went to the Landjägermeister (upper hunting superintendent) Christian Ulrich von Welzien auf Garlitz who managed the estate until 1813. After that Ernst von Berg became the new owner. He sold the property to Heinrich August Stever in 1857 who implemented an economic separation of Neuenkirchen and Luisenhof in 1879. However both estates stayed in one hand up to 1916. Then Carl Heinrich Stever took over Neuenkirchen while Luisenhof was managed by Fritz Stever.

After the land reform up to the recent past the manor house served residential purposes. 1991 a commercial company from Berlin bought the manor house of Luisenhof. After the bankruptcy of the buyer the house went back into possession of the local community. In 2001 the old manor house was discovered by a group of young people who wanted to reconstruct it as their place of residence. They established a housing cooperative and raised the required capital. However they did not succeed in obtaining the manor house because another interested buyer offered a higher price. This potential buyer neither got the neglected manor house. In December 2002 a public auction sale was called, naming a lowest bid of 7.000 Euro - it brought no result.

In the meantime an investor for the house seems to have been found.