Manor House Löbnitz

Löbnitz was first mentioned in records in 1319. The manor house was built to the north of the present village in the same position as a knight's castle which stood here before.

The estate was first the property of the von Behr family, followed by the von Schwerin family who erected a three-winged complex in baroque style and created a park in baroque design too. After Malte von Putbus acquired the estate it was leased out from 1787 until 1805 to the father of Ernst Moritz Arndt (Ernst Moritz Arndt, 1769 - 1860, German patriotic author and poet). The famous poet spent some years of his youth in Löbnitz and in his book ´Fairy Tales and Memories of my Youth´ he wrote down stories from around Löbnitz. From about 1937 until 1945 the estate belonged to Otto Metelmann.

Past 1945 the manor house was used for residential purposes. In 2000 the present owners bought the manor house. Of the former three-winged complex the main building is extant.

The baroque park grounds are partly being newly prepared in the context of an EU project.