Manor House Laeven

It is verified that the demesne had been a sheep farm since 1683 and became an independent dairy farm in 1724.   

The manor house originates from the time of the dairy farm and it has been home to the Herzberg family for four generations. Below a gabled roof the house used to be a plain one storey half timbered building of nine axles. The new house erected in 1924/25 was substantially more massive. The first one of the family to take over the demesne in 1804 was Ernst Daniel Herzberg. He was succeeded by his son Friedrich Wilhelm Herzberg and his grandson Anton Karl Ernst Herzberg. In 1931 Friedrich Wilhelm Herzberg (son of Anton Karl Ernst Herzberg) bought the demesne. During the same year a fire destroyed stables for horses, cattle, and sheep as well as a barn and the wheelwright's workshop. The owner had to sell land due to high debts. Friedrich Wilhelm Herzberg who was the last lord of the manor in Laeven was declared dead in 1945. The gentlemen's room of the manor house was later in use as the country inn "Zur Eiche" however it is now closed.