Manor House (Castle) Lelkendorf

Lelkendorf, located on the northern edge of the nature reserve Mecklenburgische Schweiz, has been in possession of the von Levetzow family since 1224, with merely one interruption from 1945 until 1989.

The foundation walls of the manor house date from 1224. The house is surrounded by a large (27 hectare) very well looked after landscape park with rare trees. In 1629 the manor house was burned down by the troops of Wallenstein. Thereupon the von Levetzows had a new building in renaissance style erected including the remaining foundation walls. This manor house was re-designed in 1898 by the architect Schultze-Naumburg in Tudor style.

After WWII the manor house accommodated a kindergarten, the school, and a pub, also the community administration and the post office.

The von Levetzow family re-acquired the manor house after 1989. They renovated the building extensively and gradually established owner-occupied flats and holiday homes.  

The old granary, built in 1883, has also been restored in recent years and is in use for workshops offering accommodation for overnight stays too.

The burial site of the von Levetzow family is located in the forest, southwest of the village.