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Kuchelmiss in calendar 2017

Kuchelmiss in calendar 2017

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Manor House Kuchelmiss

Kuchelmiss had been owned by the Counts von Hahn for centuries, even during the 14th century one `Matthias Hahne residing at Kuchelmiss´ has been mentioned.

Kuchelmiss we present in calendar 2017
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The estate was presumably kept within the Count von Hahn family until 1945. The castle-like manor houses of Basedow and Remplin which also belonged to this family were well known beyond the country's borders. The manor house Kuchelmiss is a beautiful half-timbered building dating back to the 17th / 18th century and reminds one of other mansions from this time, for example Zühr near Hagenow.

The village has an old water mill dating from 1793, which nowadays is a mill museum and well worth seeing.

Structure of ownership prior to 1945:


Counts von Hahn


Detlev von Hahn


Counts von Hahn


Land-Marshal (marshal of patrimonial land) Carl Count von Hahn


Friedrich Count von Hahn


Max Otto Friedrich Werner Adolph Ernst Count von Hahn


Albert Prince of Sachsen-Altenburg, Duke of Sachsen


Olga, Elisabeth and Maria, Princesses of Sachsen-Altenburg, Duchesses of Sachsen Fiefdom holder Eduard Prince of Anhalt