Manor House Kirch Baggendorf

One of the oldest early Gothic churches in Western Pomerania, which assumedly has been erected under the direction of Cistercian monks in 1240, is situated in Kirch Baggendorf.

Inside one can see impressive paintings from the 14th century. During the early 13th century the knight Egertus Bekendorpe resided here. In the 19th century Herr Bodinus purchased the feudal estate which, after his death, was managed by his wife. In addition to the fact that the economic situation of the estate went downhill during the 1920s, the old manor house burned down in 1927 and Frau Bodinus had a new house built. Soon after she had to register for bankruptcy and the estate was opened to settlements by the Pommersche Landgesellschaft (A company who divided land into property parcels then sold these as settlements). The remainder of the estate was purchased by Herr Rückert who resided in the manor house with his family. After WWII the manor house was first occupied by the Russian commandant as his headquarters, later refugees found accommodation here and it housed the local co-op shop up to 1972 as well as offering rooms for communal functions and service providers. From 1972 on it was the school building. In 2012 the manor house was sold by auction to the new owners. Of the former husbandry yard one stable building remains, other buildings have been converted into apartments.