Manor House (Castle) and Estate Tenant´s House Kalkhorst

The estate Kalkhorst was in possession of the Both family from 1325 to 1847. In 1847 it went to the Baronial family von Biel.

In 1853 the laying of the foundation stone for the manor house was carried out by the then owner Baron Thomson von Biel. The architects Hase and Schweiger as well as the church construction councillor Theodor Krüger were commissioned with the design and implementation of the estate buildings complex. From the end of the 19th century on ownership of the estate changed frequently, it was attained by the Eckermann family, later owners of the property were again the Both family and finally it went to the Toepfer family. The manor house was in residential use up to 1934 afterwards the building was converted and adapted as a school- and conference centre. After 1945 the manor house was predominantly used as a nursing home. Wall paintings had already been restored when in 1999 a new owner took over the building, he is using it as a residential house again.One part of the manor house serves for exhibitions and events. The building complex is surrounded by a generous landscaped park which includes many special dendrological features. The park was created during the 19th century in co-operation with the master in horticulture Christian Schaumburg. Located in the park is a chapel which holds a tomb of the von Biel family´s ancestors. In the village extant is the farm house which used to be home to the respective tenants who rented the estate.