Farmhouse Jülchendorf

The manor house Jülchendorf is situated on a small hill outside the village.

It is about 200 years old, a half-timbered building with a large, so called beavertail-roof, and an outside staircase. (A ‘Biberschwanzdach’ - beaver tail - is a roofing tile which is absolutely flat.) Since 1939 the owners have been the Holdt family. After World War II the house was home to many resettlers (refugees). They all helped on the farm. In the village people marvelled tremendously about how peaceful all occupants of the house got on together, therefore the phrase of ’Schloss Munterbach’ was coined. (Literally translated ‘Castle Jolly Brook’).

During the middle of the 1990ies the manor house was extensively renovated and at the beginning of 2012 two large bright holiday flats were set up in each half of the house.  Jülchendorf has always been known for its fresh air, the high quality water, and the tranquillity. It is situated in a terminal moraine landscape on the edge of the largest forest area of Mecklenburg. In an old documentary about Germany the far sighted great view from the Rosinenberg across the Schönlager Lake was shown and Jülchendorf was denoted as the most beautiful place in the world. In the immediate vicinity many small lakes and the river Warnow offer opportunities for swimming, fishing, and water-hiking.

For further information:  www.gutshaus-jü