Manor House Großenhof

Großenhof is an old ancestral seat of the widely dispersed von Plessen knightly family. In the 14th century, the "great castle" was built as a fortified moated castle for the knight Johannes Storm.

Later, it was acquired by the Plessens, who at the same time also owned the large estate of Damshagen beside many other properties. For instance, a squire Vollrath von Plessen is mentioned in the record books to have occupied the property in 1602.

The von Plessen family built a half-timbered manor house on the remains of the moated castle around 1660, which was later rebuilt several times. Around 1896, the property was owned by Christian Carl Friedrich and Andreas Friedrich Carl Schröder. The Großenhof manor house is a very nice, romantic building surrounded by a moat.

After 1945, it was used as a youth hostel. It has been renovated in recent years and is now in private hands.