Manor House Großen-Luckow

From 1364 to 1945 Großen Luckow was owned by the von Maltzans in Grubenhagen. In the 17th and 18th centuries, pledges, dissolutions, and sales led to a frequent change of owners from the von Maltzan (Maltzahn) family lines.

In 1836, the estate was finally taken up by the District Administrator, Friedrich Rudolph von Maltzan. His son, Adolph August von Maltzan, commissioned the architect from Wismar, Heinrich Gustav Thormann, to build the manor house in the Tudor style to replace the old manor house. A coat of arms that is inscribed on the gable shows that the construction was in 1842. In 1896, the estate was owned by Ulrich von Maltzan, Baron of Wartenberg and Penzlin. The farmhouses of the former extensive estate are partly preserved. They include a stellar mill, whose clock is still ringing at every hour, and a round stone, which was rebuilt in a slightly modified form after a fire in 1917. The original cone-shaped roof was replaced with a flat roof. The estate belonged to the von Maltzan family, Barons of Wartenberg and Penzlin, until 1945.

The manor house remained vacant for many years. After initial renovation, the building was badly destroyed by a fire in 2005 and is no longer listed under the national heritage protection.