Manor house Groß Viegeln

Since 5 July 1824, Groß Viegel, together with the peasants in Klein Viegel, belonged to the estate of the Reez knight's estate and thus to the local Count of Bassewitz at that time. The manor house was built in 1825/30 and is now privately owned.

Ownership until 1945:


privy councillor Hans Georg Hartwig von Flotow
(1778)-1797: district administrator Adam Philipp Matthias von Flotow
1797-1803: privy councillor Hans Georg Hartwieg von Flotow


cavalry captain Joachim Heinrich Christian von Müller


privy councillor Carl Christoff count von Bassewitz


chamberlain Carl Franz Georg von Plessen
1844-1864: chamberlain Anne Christine Friederike von Plessen née von Carnap
1864-1866: the heirs of chamberlain Anne Christine Friederike von Plassen nee von Carnap
1866-1888: Carl Helmut Gerhard Giesbert von Plessen
1888-(1923): Helmold von Plessen
(1926)-1945: Gerhard von Plessen