Manor House Gresse

Gresse, a few kilometers north of Boizenburg and right next to the Boize River, was documented for the first time in 1297.

Here is where the romantic manor house is located, on a small island in the middle of a beautiful park. As early as 1328, the knights von Sprengel used to live here. They were later forced to pledge the property to Hartwig von Schack in 1625. In the years that followed, the owners changed very frequently: the von Thun family in 1651, the von Knesebeck family in 1681, the von Witzendorf family in 1784, the von Hahn family in 1792, bailiff von Gebser in 1795, the von Rantzau family in 1797, the von Schilden family in 1804, the von Klitzing family in 1817, the von Lützow family in 1837, W. Heerlein in 1845, and finally Georg von Drenckhahn in 1849.

He had the old manor house demolished and hired architect Heinrich Gustav Thormann to build the romantic manor house in English Neo-Gothic style around 1850/60. Starting in 1860, the property was owned by Friedrich von Meyenn. He was followed by Albertus Ohlendorff in 1872, and the property remained in his family from then on.

After the Second World War, the manor house was used as a nursing home for the elderly until 1997. Afterwards, the building, which is owned by an heiress community, was left derelict. Both the ceiling paintings as well as the winter garden have been largely destroyed. The ceiling has fallen.

The roof structure and the wooden ceiling were destroyed by a fire in 2008. Even the buildings from the complex, which were still in use until 1990, are vacant and in a ruinous condition.