Manor House Grellenberg

A little further away from the village and former estate, is a so-called "meteorological demolition" that has been taking place in the Western Pomeranian Grellenberg for several years.

A manor house is gradually being destroyed by wind and withering away. In 2012, it was listed under national heritage protection of the Northwestern Pomeranian district. The house served as a residential building from 1945 until 1996.

The original fireplace was still in the entrance hall in 2004. Today, access to the ruin is no longer possible. The adjacent park has also been overgrown. Grellenberg was documented for the first time in 1307. The village was owned by the von Lancken family, then the von Schwerin family in the 17th century, the von Schmalensee family in the 18th century, the Vahl family starting in 1802, followed by the von Bilow family, the Hecht family in 1852, Julius Peters in the beginning of the 19th century, and finally the Holsten family from 1925 up to the expropriation in 1945.