Manor House Gottesgabe

At the end of the 13th century, Gottesgabe was owned by the von Maltzahn family. They were followed by the von Prehn family in mid-14th century.

In 1457, the property was acquired by the von Halberstadt family. In 1913, Sir Wriedt purchased the property and later sold it to Georg Eschenburg in 1924. The Gottesgabe manor house was built around 1700 on parts of the cellar foundation of a medieval building. It is one of the most extraordinary manors in Mecklenburg. It originally had three wings structured to form a triangle, a plastered and open courtyard was then added in the building, and later roofed in the mid-19th century. The very old vaulted cellars are said to have been where Klaus Störtebeker was jailed. The house is famous for the fact that it was where the Saxon freedom poet, Theodor Körner, spent his last night before his death.

The manor house was modernized thoroughly in the 1990s, and modern rental apartments were set up.

Structure of ownership prior 1945:


von Halberstadt


von Halberstadt


Anna Friederica von Both, née von Plessen


professional huntsman Gustav Adolph Hans von der Lühe


privy counsellor Johann Hartwig Hundt


Heinrich August Ludwig von Schuckmann


Leopold Fritz Ludwig Gustav von Schuckmann


Carlos Lobeck


lieutenant Ernst Arthur Wriedt


Georg Eschenburg (Lübeck)


C. von Ladiges