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Manor house Greven in calendar 2019

Manor house Greven in calendar 2019

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Manor House (Castle) Gamehl

The Gamehl estate lies a few kilometres north-west of Wismar and was the main residence under the unbroken ownership of the von Stralendorff family from 1387 until its expropriation in 1945. The last owner before the expropriation after the end of the Second World War was Joachim von Stralendorff.

Franz von Stralendorff had the old family residence changed into neo-Gothic style by the builder Heinrich Thormann in 1860. The builder decorated the building with a tower, original brick ornamentation and arched windows. The interior rooms were richly decorated with stucco as well as parquet and wooden floors. There is an inscription plate and a coat of arms from the 18th century on the rear side.

The manor house was the centre of a great estate complex with numerous adjoining buildings.

Dagmar von Stralendorff repurchased the manor house in 2000 and had it extensively restored over many years. Great value was placed on reproducing the brick building and its interior rooms in their original structure with all its characteristic style elements and in the original shapes and colours.

The “Schloss Gamehl” was opened as a hotel in 2008 after the restoration. There are 19 newly restored and modernized rooms and suites with individual furnishings as well as a wellness area with gym equipment, beauty treatments, a sauna and quiet rooms as well as an outside swimming pool in a “walled garden” style for the guests. The restaurant has fresh local produce delivered to it. The representational rooms in the manor house are ideally suited for events such as seminars and conferences, family parties and weddings. You can officially get married in the “Blue Salon”.

There is a well-cared-for park behind the manor house.

Hotel Schloss Gamehl

23970 Gamehl, Gamehl 26

Phone: 038426-22000
Fax: 038426-22693