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Daschow manor in calendar 2019

Daschow manor in calendar 2019

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Manor House Dönkendorf

The manor house in Dönkendorf in Klützer Winkel is a seven-axle brick building constructed around 1847. From 1726 to 1784 the manor house was owned by the von Both family, from 1784 to around 1917 by Johann and Johann Philipp Vorbeck. In 1938 Erich Bollmann is listed as the owner.

After the Second World War, it served as a refugee shelter, sales point, and residential building.

The manor house is currently owned by the artistic couple Monika Borchfeldt and Thilo von Westernhagen (composer). In cooperation with the “Kultur Gut Dönkendorf” association, they organize numerous cultural events such as summer concerts in the garden hall, etc. The manor house has several, rentable guest rooms. Several outbuildings accommodate seminar rooms.

The manor house is surrounded by a 7 ha park with a pond at the center. Summer music festivals are often held at the park.

Kultur Gut Dönkendorf

23942 Dönkendorf,

Contact: Thilo von Westernhagen
Phone: 038827-50850
Fax: 038827-50850