Manor House Daskow

Daskow belongs to the historical Western Pomerania and is situated directly on the eastern edge of Recknitzal. The name of the village indicates a Slavic origin of the village.

Daskow was originally owned by the von Mörder family, whose line died out in 1730. After that, there were inheritance disputes between the von Bülows and the von Plüskows. From 1755, Daskow was owned by the von Kahlden family from Rugia, about 20 years later by the von Stumpfeld-Lillienanker family (a noble Pomeranian-Swedish state official starting around 1700). In 1900, Wilhem von Stumpfeld married Marie Luise, Countess von Bernstorff, who used her financial resources to rebuild the new manor house between 1903 and 1910. Stones and construction material were transported by ship to Recknitz. A ceiling painted on linen was adopted for the new manor house. It had been recovered from the old house following great effort of the owner.

The young couple had an oval vista point built through the crowns of the dense trees in the park, through which one could see the Pantlitzer church. Marie Luise von Stumpfeld-Lilienanker was able to afford this because of her rich father, Count von Bernstorff-Beseritz. She died in 1983 and is buried in the cemetery in Pantlitz next to her husband.

After 1945, the manor house was used by the municipal administration. It also housed a kindergarten, restaurant, doctor’s practice, and several apartments.

The manor house was privatized several times after 1990. It has been empty for years and is deteriorating slowly. Also recommendable is a stroll through the Daskow Park, especially because of the large, gnarly, black pines (pinus nigra) and the chestnuts (Castanea sativa). Directly below the manor house is a water trail at Recknitz.

In 2011, the manor house was resold again. The new owners plan to expand the listed building and add a hotel, but nothing has happened yet.