Manor House (Castle) Diekhof

The Diekhof property was originally owned by the von Voss family before it was passed to the von Hahn family in 1462, who remained in possession until 1771.

Nine years later, Diekhof was acquired by the Count von Wallmoden. In 1845, the property was acquired by the von Bassewitz family. By the period between 1732 and 1739, a Baroque manor house with cavalier houses had already been enacted. The result was a castle-like, three-wing manor with a main courtyard. In 1768, architect C. D. Holle added a chapel.

In 1945, a large part of the building was demolished in a fire, only a side wing and the Rococo chapel was left. The interior of the chapel, which has the stuccoes and ornamental decorations, was restored in 1952.

In 1999, the side wing of the former manor house was still in a ruinous state and was almost falling apart. However, renovation of the side wing has been completed. The Cologne merchant, Peter Stammler, had the chapel and the former royal stable refurbished and reconstructed to the original, historical design.

In June 2014, reconstruction of the vaulted ceilings was started. Walks and trails through the park are possible on request.

The owner has also built a tea house in the park.