Manor House Hotel garni Barkow near Plau

The Barkow bei Plau manor house was built by the Hülße family in 1913. It is a one-storey rendered building, with a wide spire light and high triangular pediment.

The entrance porch has an upper exit. The estate had been under the ownership of the Bethge or rather Hülße family with a short interruption since 1874, who managed a modern farming business until its expulsion and expropriation in 1945. The manor house was used after 1945 firstly for refugees. It served as a school starting in 1949 and as a holiday home, shop, doctor’s surgery, agricultural producers’ cooperative kitchen and office starting in the mid-1970s. The Hülße family could repurchase the manor house in 1992 and began to renovate the building.

A guesthouse with a family atmosphere and light friendly rooms and apartments was created.

There is a large well-cared-for garden behind the manor house with direct access to the Elde river bank.

Gutshaus Barkow Hotel garni

19395 Barkow, Heinrich-Zander-Straße 34

Phone: 038735-8260
Fax: 038735-82666