Manor House (Castle) Blücherhof

Blücherhof originally was owned by the von Blücher family, came into the hands of captain von Arnim around 1800, to von Hintzenstern around 1850 and 1882 to the earl von Plessen and baron von Maltzahn.

About 1890 the natural scientist Prof. König bought the estate. Where an elder building used to be, he had erected the two-storey manor house in the neo-baroque stile, influenced by Russian folklore architecture according to plans of Gustav Holland. He also had the 6 ha-sized parc created with numerous dendrological specialties. Until his death in the year 1940 Prof. Dr. König owned the estate. Later collections of the Berlin museum of natural sciences were stored there later on. Starting 1951 Blücherhof was used as a training and education center and then (up to 2003) as a children’s home. The entrance to the listed building are skillfully forged gates from 1908. The impressive estate with gatehouse, the partially restored estate buildings, the stables and the pigeonry remained largely intact and were caringly restored. The manor house is privately owned since 2004.