Manor House Bülow near Parchim

The Bülow village and estate near Parchim appeared in several records from as early as the 13th century. In 1746, the construction of a two-storey mansion in Baroque style for Magnus Friedrich von Barner had already been completed.

The interior decorations with marble and stucco were done by local craftsmen and based on Italian models. The alliance of the von Barner and von Maltzahn families also took place around this time. Around 1842, the house was rebuilt in Italian design and four corner towers and a second floor were added. Complete renovation and comprehensive repairs were done between 1936 and 1938. The park was designed in French style and gradually transformed into a landscape park. The estate was owned by the von Barner family from 1590 to 1945.

After the expropriation of the family, the house was plundered and heavily damaged. Parts of the court buildings and the park were occupied. After the war, the manor house was used to host refugees and later served mainly for residential purposes. The building remained empty for many years, one association tried to prepare the house for future use.

In autumn 2004, the manor house as well as its former estate and park were purchased by the current owners. They plan to restore both the house and the park over the next few years. The roof has already been completed. The façade, windows, and interior are set to follow. The house will remain in private use once the renovation has been completed.