Manor House Brunn

The older Brunn manor house was probably built at the time of the von Glöden family. It has been shown that they were in possession of Brunn since 1609.

The old manor house was situated directly at the historical village green and had two extra farmhouses. The new manor house was erected later at the rear end of the extensive estate. The new house is a two-storey plastered building with a saddle roof and 13 axes with central and corner risalits. It was built shortly after 1800. It is still not possible to say who exactly had the manor built. It could be one of three men: Stephan Werner von Dewitz, who purchased the Brunn and Roggenhagen properties in 1795 from the von Glöden family. Then there is Stephan Werner’s son, Friedrich Georg Karl von Dewitz, who pledged Brunn to Karl von Oertzen in 1812 for twenty years. Karl is the third option, but less unlikely. Brunn remained in the possession of the von Oertzen family for a long time. There is not much that is left of the original Neoclassical manor besides an elaborate cast-iron altar in front of the central risalit. The cornicles and the old windows have also been removed. The manor house is currently owned by the municipality and has apartments that are specially adapted to the needs of the elderly, as well as a kindergarten and a day care center.

The small manor park behind the manor house was established at the beginning of the 19th century. A few old trees have been conserved.