Manor House Brook

The Klützer Winkel is widely known as cultural land and attracts visitors from near and far.

Many castles and manor houses offer cultural and touristic events, amongst others Stellshagen, Bothmer, Plüschow, Dönkendorf, Lütgenhof and Gut Brook. Brook is situated directly next to the Baltic Sea coast, at the Lubecker Bucht. The spacious estate is only 500 meters away from the beach and is located up on a rolling end moraine landscape. The estate with manor house, in perfectly cared for condition and numerous farm buildings shows signs of the geographical proximity to Sc hleswig-Holstein, as the type of the impressive ensemble of buildings can be found in many estates there. Amongst other estates, Brook belonged to the county Bothmer for a long time. 1715 the count palatines of Bothmer, originally from Hanover, founded a majorat county in the Kluetzer Winkel. They built castle Bothmer near Kluetz which is the largest baroque style castle complex in Mecklenburg.

Gut Brook and the former Bothmerian estate Christinenfeld are operated privately and ecologically for some years now. A number of holiday appartments were constructed and a lot of cultural events happen at Brook.