Manor House Brohm

The Brohm manor house was built in 1713 as a one-storey building with a half-hipped roof. Later, the building was extended and redesigned to meet the needs of the residents.

In 1846, Adolph Friedrich Carl von Oertzen, together with his cousin Wilhelm von Oertzen and his brother-in-law, Georg von Rieben, of Carl Constantin, purchased the Brohm, Cosa, and Heinrichswalde properties. During a disposition in 1848, Adolph Friedrich got the lion’s share, Brohm. Together with his wife Bertha, they had many social facilities built on their estates. The manor house was rebuilt many times, and many extra buildings were added. From the core of the first half of the 18th century, only the right half had remained when Georg Hennig Ludwig David Carl Eugen von Oertzen inherited the property in 1890 as a six-year-old. In 1931, he and one other family member became the famous patients at Strelitzer Irrenanstalt Domjüch. Both could not be cured and died shortly after one another. During the inheritance distribution in 1942, Brohm went to Hans Christoph von Oertzen, who gave it to his wife.

After the war, several families lived in the house, which also served as a seat for the municipal council.

The house is now owned by the municipality and is used for residential purposes.