Manor House Bobzin

Bobzin lies east of the small town of Lübz. In records of 1700 the place is mentioned as a sovereign demesne. The farm was originally located at Alt Bobzin on the banks of the river Elde.

In 1756 a new tenant's house was built on the plot where the building is now, initially there had been farm buildings only.

Today's tenant's house was probably modified or newly built in the mid 19th century at the earliest. In 1896 Adolf Grimm was the tenant of the then 566 hectare estate. In 1922 the estate was partly opened to settlements. From 1927 to 1945 Hans Grube was the last tenant; he had also leased the estate Hof Hagen which lies north of Bobzin.

Nowadays the tenant's house is privately owned, it is inhabited, and well maintained.