Manor House Bobitz

Bobitz belongs to the estate complex of the Count von der Schulenburg-Tressow encompassing over 2000 ha. and was originally the family residence of this family branch which came from Hehlen an der Weser.

Friedrich Bernhard Carl Gustav Ulrich Erich Count von der Schulenburg was the owner of the estate belonging to the feudal estate Groß Krankow around 1896. After the old Bobitz manor house burnt down in 1865, the palatial neo-classical manor house was built to be a new representational residence on the Tressow estate. A simple brick manor house was rebuilt in Bobitz in the mid-19th century. Friedrich-Bernhard Count von der Schulenburg was born there, who played an important part in World War I as a Prussian Imperial General. Bobitz originally had an imposing gatehouse which was demolished at the start of the 1990s. The manor house was used for residential purposes after 1945. The manor house has not been preserved; the house is only partly inhabited.

Remains of a small park can still be found.