Manor House Blesewitz

A few kilometres southwest of Anklam lies the village of Blesewitz. Blesewitz was a fiefdom of the von Lüskow family until the estate was sold in 1792; they had already resided here in the 14th century too.

However already in 1751 the then owner pledged the estate for 25 years to Johann Christian Müller. In 1791 the heirs to the estate ceded the right of redemption to Regierungsrat (senior civil servant) Andreas Kretschmer from Stettin. It was probably he who had the two side wings added to the original building which now forms the central section. In 1824 the Kolbe family purchased the property, they managed the 865-hectare estate until the end of the WWII.

After 1945 the manor house was used for living purposes, as a pub and Kulturhaus (clubhouse); it has now been empty for many years. Some estate buildings survived and are used in parts.

The small park at the manor house is very well kept.

Well worth seeing is also a church in the village, the oldest part of which, the boulder built choir, dates from the 14th century, the nave was added in the 15th century.