Manor House Behrenwalde

The manor house was built during the 19th century. In possession of the estate was the Behr-Negendanck family, later up to 1945 the Liss family.

They were expropriated by the Russian administration. The Liss family had to leave the house. Carl Liss was meant to be arrested; however, he managed to escape in good time. The furniture of the house was shared out. The dormer windows were inserted during the 1960s. The house was used for residential purposes. There were more than 20 flats in the manor house. The lower photograph which was made available by the Spilcke-Liss family shows the manor house during the 1940s. The entrance was situated on the right of the porch. In the middle of the circular flour bed stood a flagpole which was disposed of during a job creation scheme. After the political change in Germany the family whose name is now Spilcke-Liss made efforts to repurchase the manor house. This could not be implemented. The manor house underwent extensive renovation in 2002/03. Dwellings were built. In 2004 the ponds were dredged and the cesspit was renewed.