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Castle, Manor House or Farm House?

Castle, Manor House or Farm House?

Information about the classification castle, manor house or farmhouse. Surely you must have asked yourself by which criteria we sorted the listing of manor houses and castles.

Castle or Manor House

Manor House Altenhagen near Velgast

In 1429, the Altenhagen property near Velgast was owned by the von Dotenberg family. Around 1600, its possession was shared by two brothers, Sievert and Baltzer Datenburg.

In the 18th century, the von Boltenstern family took over possession. They had a manor house and a park constructed in Baroque design. In the mid-19th century, Ulrich von Thun purchased the estate for his second daughter Emma. The mansion was rebuilt and furnished with towers and a Renaissance gable. At the same time, he had the park redesigned and expanded in English style.

After 1945, the manor house was used to accommodate refugees. In 1963, it was converted into a prosaic building.

After the Reunification, the manor house remained empty for many years until a Stralsund entrepreneur discovered it. He bought the manor house with the five-hectare park from the municipality.

The listed estate park has been being rebuilt since 2006.