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Holidays in a castle

How does it feel playing a little duke or duchess, at least for a few nights? Even though much has been modernized for the good comfort and changed much over the years and centuries - something of the original, highly noble character is always preserved. (If you like it, there are other roles as chambermaids or servants, depending on the "costume" you want to slip into.)

The five-star Palace Hotel Wendorf

The five-star Palace Hotel Wendorf lies amid a typical Mecklenburg landscape near the provincial capital of Schwerin and offers 10 luxurious suites furnished in the Baroque and Art Nouveau styles.  ... more

Castle Hotel Marihn - Jewel in Mecklenburg

The Castle Hotel offers a high-quality stay as a bed and breakfast hotel with five suites and two double rooms. ... more

Serrahn - A tower for two

An apartment for lovers, friends, for the happy and fortunate, a hiding place, a nest at the top of the treetops. A place to enjoy the togetherness. A retreat. ... more

Castle Pütnitz

The new owner lovingly renovated the manor house in 2011 and 2012 and built holiday apartments. ... more

Gross Schwansee Castle Hotel

There can’t be a better location for a castle hotel, as only a few metres separate the Groß Schwansee manor house in Klützer Winkel from the Baltic beaches. A linden tree avenue through an extensive park leads you there. ... more

Castle Hotel "Schloss Gamehl"

Dagmar von Stralendorff repurchased the manor house in 2000 and had it extensively restored over many years. Great value was placed on reproducing the brick building and its interior rooms in their original structure with all its characteristic style elements and in the original shapes and colours. ... more