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Turow Castle in calendar 2019

Turow Castle in calendar 2019

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Spantekow Castle

The Spantekow Castle, surrounded by moats and high castle walls, is raised on a hill south-west of Anklam.

Ulrich I. von Schwerin had this built between 1558 and 1567 on the site of a medieval castle belonging to his family. You enter the courtyard through a fortified gateway which is decorated with a relief of Ulrich von Schwerin and his wife Anna von Arnim. This is where the castle is, built in Renaissance style but later changed. The castle came under the ownership of the Swedish Count von Steenbock in 1634. The castle was razed to the ground by command of the Great Elector Friedrich Wilhelm von Brandenburg in 1677. The castle came under the ownership of the Prussian State in 1720. It was only in 1833 that the von Schwerin family retrieved their property.

The palace was rebuilt between 1899 and 1901, the staircase had a baroque cowling, the central part of the building had more floors added to it and was decorated with a volute. The cross-vaulted cellar supported by huge pillars and the refectory in the northern part, a two-span, arched room with a fireplace from 1576 in the castle interior are notable.

Refugees were accommodated in the castle after 1945 and following that was used as an old people’s home.

The castle has been under the ownership of Kaspar Baron v. Harnier since 1999. His grandfather, Hans Bone von Schwerin, was the last lord of Spantekow until 1945.

The castle can be visited by appointment.

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