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Large Manorhouse & Castle Calendar 2018 (horizontal format 420 x 297 mm)

This Calendar 2018 is a interesting mixture of styles of the rural architecture of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Travel through 350 years of history (!) – from the largest regional »Renaissance Wasser Veste« Spantekow to the high-tech Herrenhaus Büttelkow (with central vacuum cleaner, concrete ceilings and lightwell).

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And the history of its builders and later owners is also connected with the history of the buildings. We can only touch on it all - but perhaps this calendar encourages you to deal deeper with one or the other house. On an additional page, we have compiled a few historical photos.

Groß Potrems (near Rostock)
Teutendorf (near Sanitz)
Büttelkow (near Rerik)
Pütnitz (Ribnitz-Damgarten)
Klein Trebbow (Schwerin)
Vogelsang (near Güstrow)
Alt Vorwerk (in the countryside)
Alt Guthendorf (between Ribnitz and Marlow)
Burg Spantekow (near Anklam)
Schmarsow (near Demmin)
Below (near Röbel)
Schorssow (near Malchin)

The manorhouse calendar in brief

- Titel
- 12 pages, 12 houses
- Page 13 historic photographs
- Map and tiny discoveries (back page)
- Horizontal format A3 (420 x 297 mm)

Price 19,50 €
Packing und shipping 10 € (most cases, EU, UK, USA)

PS: Unfortunately, on the night of the 10th of July, Great Potrems burned, the house on our January page.