Manor House (Castle) Kartlow

Kartlow Manor was built between 1853 and 1858 modelled on the French renaissance castle of Chambord according to plans by Friedrich Hitzig, the Schwerin court architect.

The developer was Woldemar von Heyden. The Kartlow estate was in possession of the von Heyden family from 1292 up to the expropriation in 1945. After the war the manor house was used for residential purposes, it also accommodated a school hall and the co-op shop, however it gradually fell into disrepair. Rehabilitation works, which had begun during GDR times, were continued after 1990. Inside the building the remaining wall paintings in the entrance hall are striking. The manor house found new owners who have pursued the already undertaken renovation works for some years now. After completion the use of the building will be entirely private.

Estate buildings are also being restored.

Simultaneously with the building of the manor house an extensive park area was created based on designs by the garden architect Peter Joseph Lenné. Due to wrong subsequent use in later times the park shows a very much changed structure.