Manor House Dargibell

Dargibell was first documented in 1287. Before 1651, the property was owned by the von Wolde family, who sold it to the von Eickstedt family. In 1761, Otto Martin von Schwerin purchased the property.

The manor house is a one-storey plastered brick building, whose oldest part was probably built in the mid-18th century by the von Eickstedt family. In mid-19th century, the von Schwerin family had the manor house expanded and reconstruction was still underway towards the start of the 20th century. A triaxial central risalit was added on the outside, whereas the entrance hall was decorated in English country house style. The walls of the hall were cladded with wooden panels, the wall closets were integrated, and a double staircase added that leads to the upper floor. In the garden hall, flat stucco reliefs were added to the ceilings and the walls redecorated in the Neurokkoko style.

After expropriation of Otto Graf von Schwerin who was the last owner, refugee families first moved into the manor house. In 1958, LPG and the municipality set up offices, a kindergarten, a dining room, and a sales point in the manor house.

After 1990, occupants moved out gradually, lack of security and maintenance measures by the different owners led the building to derelict over the years.

The manor house is surrounded by a rubblestone wall that is heavily damaged.

A commercial building from the 18th century is also in a derelict state.