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Two new castle-calendars 2018

Two new castle-calendars 2018

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Manor house Moisall

The Moisall estate was pledged to Kaspar von Vieregge from 1651 to 1661 and frequently changed ownership after that.

Georg von Winterfeld became the owner in 1714, but soon after that there were further changes of ownership. The manor house was built in neo-classical style according to the plans by architect Paul Korff in 1912 for the estate owner Klotz. The manor house frontage has a three-winged avant-corps which has a fragment of a coat of arms in the gable, a flight of steps in front and a stone balcony resting on tone pillars with a stone balustrade. The avant-corps on the park side only has two wings.

The manor house served as a residence after 1945.

It stood empty starting in 1992 until it was bought by a private person in 1994. The Drill-Quest Engineering GmbH purchased the building which was in need of great restoration in 2006. Interior and exterior renovation began soon afterwards, and the manor house has been used as a guesthouse since 2009. Two farm buildings have been preserved from the estate. These are however unused.

The small park, in which you can go to a small island over a wooden bridge, is once again being looked after. A granite font dating from the 13th century which had stood in front of the manor house until 1991 has found its place in the church.

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Gutshaus Moisall

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