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Castle, Manor House or Farm House?

Castle, Manor House or Farm House?

Information about the classification castle, manor house or farmhouse. Surely you must have asked yourself by which criteria we sorted the listing of manor houses and castles.

Castle or Manor House

Two new castle-calendars 2018

Two new castle-calendars 2018

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Manor Allerstorf

Allerstorf belongs to the municipality of Marlow which is counted as part of the West Pomerania-Rügen district today but historically belongs to Mecklenburg.

The first documented reference to it was in 1210.

Structure of ownership prior to 1945:


Christian Wilhelm Brist


Major J. A. C. von der Lühe heirs


Cuno Hans Karl von der Lühe


valet de chambre Julius Diederich von der Lühe


grand-ducal Salineamt Sülze

Page of the Chamber Julius Diederich von der Lühe had up to 1786 been residing on the estate of Helmstorf near Tessin. During this year he gave up this property and purchased the estates Hohen Niendorf and Mechelsdorf in the district of Bukow. He farmed these until 1802 and then went to reside in Dargelütz and Vogelsang in the district of Grabow. Without relinquishing these two farms he managed to acquire the estates of Schulenberg, Allerstorf, Kneese and Fahrenhaupt (an inheritance is likely). In 1824 these were sold to the Grand-ducal demesne chamber and assigned to the Saline Administration Sülze.